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  • Yoga retreat

    Yoga Retreat and Safari in South Africa

    "Explore the Magic of Mpumalanga Starts: 20th of October 2017! Yoga • Hiking • Safari Kruger Park and Blyde River Canyon Excursions on the Panorama Route • Horseback riding (optional) Delicious vegan meals"

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  • Manage your energy

    Manage your Energy to Manage your Time and Well Being

    "Join Dr Ela Manga and a team of skilful facilitators for a unique and magical experience. Tap into the power of your breath and your energy through the natural elements and the surrounding mountains of the regions stunning landscape. Re align yourself to your natural rhythms. The Energy Code retreat is inspired by Dr Manga’s book, the Energy Code which explores how to support authentic energy through Body Intelligence, Mind Intelligence and Heart Intelligence.It has been designed to offer you a fully immersive experience of all three and inspire you to integrate these practices into your life in simple practical way.For our international visitors we will include a 2 day Safari and additional sight seeing & cultural activity. Please enquire further for pricing"

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  • World music

    World music star

    "‘When you have found your purpose in life, you don’t get tired’ The internationally acclaimed Desert Rose is performing their new album, “Spirit of Kundalini” in Mbombela on Friday May 13 as part of their national tour."

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  • Achieving Wisdom

    Achieving wisdom in the age of post-truth

    "Wisdom can only be achieved through meditation. Yet, Shameen Yacoob, local yogi, points out that while yoga and meditation have become popular, they are often approached as the focus, instead of the tool they are."

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  • A breath a day

    A breath a day to keep the doctor away

    "The integrated wellness workshop is ideally suited to people who want to take better care of themselves as well as generate new possibilities and vitality."

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  • A Better Life

    A Better Life Danielle Sheedy

    "It’s a new year and time to get fit and healthy! To help you find the motivation, we speak to Mbombela’s oracle, Shameen Yacoob, about yoga, its benefits and an upcoming retreat for enthusiasts."

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